Journey Under the Midnight Sun
Journey Under the Midnight Sun

After reading four novels by Keigo Higashino (東野圭吾), I find Journey Under the Midnight Sun (白夜行) the best, so far. The novel consists of a series of short stories, which interconnected to form a web of mysteries spanning over 19 years.

The story begun in October 1973. A 52-year-old pawnshop owner, Yosuke Kirihara, was found dead in an abandoned building. The investigation was headed by the police officer Junzo Sasagaki (笹垣潤三). Sasagaki was unable solve the case while he was still in service, but with patience and perseverance he finally nailed down the culprit after retirement .

There were many suspects in the primary crime, i.e. the death of the pawnshop owner, and many more victims of crimes that were committed to conceal the previous crimes. In this complex entanglement of crimes there were Yukiho Nishimoto (唐沢雪穂) and Ryo (Ryoji) Kirihara (桐原亮司), who were still primary students at the time of the death of the pawnshop owner.

It was revealed after many twists and turns and much blood and suffering, that throughout the years after or even before the death of the pawnshop owner, they lived in a symbiotic relationship analogous to that between a pistol shrimp and a goby fish. Ryo was the fish protecting Yukiho, clearing away whatever obstacles in front of her as she climbed the social ladder. Their feelings towards each other were never explicit but obviously Ryo was willing to pay it with his own life to prevent it from coming to light. The story ended as Yukiho turned and walked away from the scene where Ryo was lying in a pool of blood with a pair of scissors piercing through his chest.